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Can anyone Imagine what percentage of artists are even marginally successful in the industry?

These stats come from Next Big Sound’s 2013: The Year In Rewind.   NBS tracks an extremely large number of artists’ online activities, or in their words, “more artists online than anyone else in the world”.

NBS used social media benchmarks to group artists.  They also took “artist milestones” into account, such as record deals, TV appearances, and charting on Billboard.

Above is the distribution of all the artists they track.  These stats assume that successful artists have an online following.

NBS found that 80 percent of artists receive less than one new Facebook like per day.

Overall, over 90.7 percent of artists can be considered undiscovered.

Turn that upside down, and you get these glaringly-lopsided network reach stats:

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Mega-sized, Famous and mainstream  artists make up 1.1 percent of all artists yet have 87.3 percent of Facebook page likes. They also have 88.4 percent of artist Twitter followers.

Smaller artists have more popularity on YouTube and Vevo. Undiscovered and developing artists get 9.7 percent of all artist views.

Artists need to share their art on right platforms to the genuine art lovers & buyers crowd to get their piece of fame.


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