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Ah… My favourite day- 26th September 2015.. My Book Launch Day! The Book Launch for my book “A Forest Adventure- Bugs’ Life Series”.




One and a half hour before the launch, my grandfather and my father went to South Point Mall, Quill and Canvas (my book launch venue) before the others to start the decorations, while I was getting all set for my big day.

My Aunt, my cousin, my grandmother, my mother, my brother and I went there after about an hour. The moment we got there, a person at the bookstore went around asking who the author is. When I told him that it was me, he grabbed a bunch of my books and put them on the table in front of me and said, “Autograph all of them” and went away. How am I supposed to do that? I didn’t even have a pen!

I went to the bookstore owner and told her that this person has given me a bunch of books and told me to sign all of them but I don’t have a pen. She took out a ball pen and was about to give it to me, just to be interrupted by my brother handing me the golden pen which we had bought a few days ago. I sat and started signing them while thinking if the copies were to be signed after the buyer bought them or before.

Just after some of the copies were signed, my friend came. I put the books away and walked around in the bookstore with her. Just then the person who told me to sign the copies saw me and asked, “Did you sign the books?” “No… Uh.. Not yet…” I said and sat there signing them again.

Then some people came and said ‘hi’ and sat in the audience. It was already 4:15 while the book launch was supposed to be started at 4:00.

The Launch was about to start! My dad told me to sit in the audience. I sat there and waited for my signal. Then Sujit Uncle, the anchor, called, “Now let’s welcome- Vishnu Priya Soma!!” Everyone applauded. I stood up and went there.


I sat there while my dad was…

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